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Multi-Isotope Digital Autoradiography High-Resolution Imaging of the Intra-Tumoral Distribution of Targeting Molecules

A poster from the World Molecular Imaging Congress on Intra-tumoral imaging using the Biomolex 700 system is available for download.

Preclinical Molecular Imaging using Multi-Isotope Digital Autoradiography

This thesis of Anders Örbom entitled "Preclinical Molecular Imaging using Multi-Isotope Digital Autoradiography" is available for download.

Characterization of a double-sided silicon strip detector autoradiography system

Örbom et al. used the ability of the Biomolex 700 to distinguish different radioactive energy profiles in a prostate cancer study. Here the tumor distribution of 125I-labeled monoclonal antibody targeting Prostate Specific Antigen was compared to co-injected 18F-FDG or 18F-choline (Evans-Axelsson et al. "Targeting free prostate-specific antigen for in vivo imaging of prostate cancer using a monoclonal antibody specific for unique epitopes accessible on free prostate-specific antigen alone." Cancer Biother Radiopharm. 2012 May;27(4):243-51, PMID 22489659)

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